Monday, December 10, 2018
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TaosCPA, LLC wants to welcome you and your business to Taos, New Mexico. Whether you are starting a new business or growing an existing venture, we know how difficult it can be to navigate the complex tax system and accounting procedures. That’s why we have developed the Taos Business Kit as a resource to guide you along the way. The Taos Business Kit is meant to help you start—or grow—your business in Taos by giving you all the basic information you need to start and work through the process by helping you formulate and answer questions you move along.

The Taos Business Kit is not intended to be a complete guide. When you do encounter questions or concerns, therefore, it is wise to consult an appropriate professional who can help you answer them and steer you onto the right path—the one that is best for you and for your business.

We wish you success in starting your new business. Please remember as you proceed that the staff of TaosCPA, LLC is always available to assist you at:
575.758.3964 and


Fred Winter, President
January, 2009

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Rates Effective January 1, 2017
Taos (City) 8.3125%
Taos Ski Valley 8.6875%
Questa Airport 7.1250%
Taos County 7.1250%
Taos Pueblo 8.3125%
Red River 8.4375%