Monday, December 10, 2018
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TaosNet, LLC and Winter Accountancy, P.C., CPA's have collaborated in developing a new service for Quickbooks users that will enable you and the team at Winter Accountancy to view and input data into your Quickbooks file at the same time!

Your Quickbooks file is moved to a secure central computer at TaosNet, so that it no longer lives on your office computer. This allows both you and your personal accountant at Winter Accountancy to collaborate on your Quickbooks file together!

You no longer need to pass backup disks back and forth with your accountant; changes can be made; reports can be printed; payrolls can be processed--all easily and quickly from your office or at Winter Accountancy's office. Your Quickbooks file could match your compiled financial statements for every period! All you need is a reliable Internet connection. It even works over a standard modem connection to the Internet.

Keeping your data file on an offsite computer also means that your office staff is no longer responsible for taking the time to backup the file or keeping track of where the backup disks are stored. TaosNet does this automatically with redundant backups nightly to a separate TaosNet computer and to an off-site computer located at Winter Accountancy. Archiving solutions are also available as an extra valued-added safeguard.

It also means that you no longer need to concern yourself with Quickbooks program upgrades or payroll updates. You should also not need to buy bigger or faster computers to keep up with new software and operating systems. These benefits and more will save you time and money!

The fee for this service is a one-time set-up fee of $299.95 and a monthly fee of $49.95 payable to TaosNet, LLC. Winter Accountancy, P.C., will bill you separately for your accounting projects. All fees are exclusive of applicable New Mexico gross receipts tax.

Please call today for a demonstration of how this new TaosCPA service will change your business and free your mind. 758-3964
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